Welcome Amtote Employees!

click for 2010 Vision Care Expense Benefit Details

This is just a reminder to ALL Amtote Union Employees, your Vision Care
Insurance and Prescriptions are through the Union (Local 1501).

If you are an Amtote Employee and would like to receive information Amtote
provides through email, please contact
Cindy Wiles -HR Manager @ Amtote
International or
Joan Grudinsky - Field Service Coordinator @ Amtote
International. ( Please provide your first and last name, home base location,
and the Amtote phone number at your location.)

If you're going to activate your Express-Scripts account for the first time
online, your Member ID# is your SSN#. And after you've created your account,
put your arrow over the text "Benefit Overview" this will bring down some items
to choose from. The first one should be "Coverage and Coo payments". At the
top of the page it will show your name and any family members that you have
on your plan and also show your deductible.
Amtote Employees